Is Incense Bad For Cats?

You’ve just moved to a new home and you have a cat or two. You’ve also just bought some incense, so you decide to try it out. Which sounds like a great idea, but is incense bad for cats?

is incense bad for cats?

Incense is safe for cats. Incense can be purchased at various stores, including pet stores and online retailers.

In addition to being a popular aroma for humans, incense is also used in aromatherapy as an inhalant to relieve stress and anxiety. The smell of incense may irritate some cats’ sensitive noses, but this will only happen if you don’t choose the right type of incense or brand. For example, some types of scented candles are made with soaps or waxes that can cause irritation in cats. If your cat happens to be particularly sensitive about the smell of scented candles, then incense would be a better choice for you and your cat!

If you are considering using incense in your home or office, it’s always best to read the label on each product before buying it so that you know how much it will affect your cat. Some brands contain ingredients that are not suitable for use around pets while others include natural ingredients that even cats enjoy inhaling!

How Is Incence Bad for cats?

Incense is bad for cats because it can irritate their eyes, nose, and mouth. In addition to that, incense emits noxious fumes that can make your cat feel dizzy or nauseous—and if you have a new cat or kitten who’s sensitive to fragrances, this could be very dangerous for them.

The only way to keep your cat safe from the effects of incense is to make sure you’re using a quality brand that doesn’t contain synthetic fragrances. You should also make sure that you’re keeping the amount of incense in your home low: one-half ounce per month is considered safe for human use but too much for cats!

Can incense kill cats?

The short answer is yes, but not in the way you might think. Incense is not toxic or harmful to your cat, but it can cause some of their behaviors to change.

Cats are sensitive animals and they have a keen sense of smell, so if they find something that smells good to them they’ll go right for it. Incense is made with scents and oils that are pleasant to humans, but unpleasant to cats. When cats inhale these scents, they may react by sniffing more often or licking themselves more often than usual. This could result in some of their other behaviors changing as well—they may become more affectionate or aggressive towards other pets in the household, for example.

So while incense isn’t dangerous for your cat, it could still cause them to behave differently than usual! If you suspect your cat might be reacting negatively to incense, try removing it from around the house until the behavior subsides naturally (for example, by moving out).

How Cats Sense Of Smell Works

Cats have a very keen sense of smell. They use it to identify and track prey, as well as to sniff out potential mates. Their sense of smell is so powerful that they can detect the scent of another cat’s urine from across a room, even if they are in another room. A cat will also use its nose to determine whether or not a particular type of food smells good to them.

Cats have over 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose, which help them to detect smells more than 10 times more accurately than humans can.

The size of your cat’s nose varies depending on their breed: Siamese cats have larger noses and Maine Coon cats have smaller noses than other breeds.

How to give your home a pleasant aroma without the use of incense

The idea is simple: keep some fresh flowers around your house and let them absorb odors. You can also use different types of herbs, such as rosemary or lemon balm, to add that extra sheen to any room in your home.

The only thing you’ll need is a vase—you can just buy some from the grocery store or pick up an inexpensive one at a thrift store. When you’re ready to put them in the vase, just make sure that they’re not touching each other—it’s important that there are gaps between the flowers so that they don’t start smelling like each other.

Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the wonderful scent of your home!


In short, no. Incense is not bad for cats and can be used without worry in the presence of your pet. If you have any other questions regarding incense and safety, don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll do our best to help you out.

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