Why Do Cats Cover Their Face When They Sleep?

Why do cats cover their face when they sleep? If you have a cat, you’ve probably wondered at least once. I know I have. There are many reasons for covering yourself up, but why do cats do it? Well, that’s what this article is about. I’m going to share with you the various reasons why cats cover themselves up during the night so that you will be able to help your kitty relax and get some peace.

Why Do Cats Cover Their face when they sleep?

1. Protection Against Dust & Dirt

Cats cover their faces when they sleep because they want to protect themselves from dust and other dirt that might be floating around in the air.

Cats have very sensitive skin and will often suffer from allergies if they are exposed to too much dust or dirt. When a cat covers its face with its paws, it reduces the amount of debris that can get into its nose. The paws also act as a barrier between the cat’s nose and any particles floating around in the air, which helps reduce irritation to the cat’s respiratory tract.

Cats have very small noses compared to humans, so they don’t have much room for air flow when they breathe through them. As such, if you’re having trouble breathing through your own nose at night because there’s too much dust floating around in your bedroom, don’t worry! You aren’t alone! Your cat is probably doing the same thing.

2. To Keep Heat In

To keep heat in during the winter, cats will often cover their faces with their paws. This helps them to conserve body heat and keep warm, even when it’s cold outside.

Cats are able to do this because of their thick fur and heavy fur coat. When a cat covers their face with their paws, they are able to trap heat from the air around them and use it to warm up their faces. This is why cats often sleep with their faces covered in wintertime: they want to protect themselves from the cold air!

3. Feeling of Safety

The feeling of safety is often cited as a reason cats cover their faces when they sleep.

This behavior is likely a result of the cat’s evolutionary history as a predator. Cats are solitary animals who hunt in packs and as such, are highly attuned to body language and other signals from their environment. This can cause them to be particularly sensitive to any threat or danger that may be present around them during their rest period.

The fact that cats have evolved to cover their faces when sleeping may partially protect them from any potential threats that might be present in the area—such as other animals or predators—and also provide some protection against heat loss during sleep.

4. Keeping Light Out

Cats prefer to sleep in darkness and this is one way for them to keep the light out.

Cats are nocturnal animals and they always like to stay awake at night. They spend most of the time sleeping only during the daytime.

It is very common for cats to sleep with their heads covered with a blanket or a bag while they are sleeping. This is because they want to block out any light that may affect their vision while they are sleeping.

5. Tiredness

Cats are very active animals that need a lot of energy to live and run around. They have a high metabolism and can burn up to 20% of their body weight in energy every day. That’s why they need so much food and drink. They also need a lot of sleep to recover from all this activity.

A cat’s brain needs time to rest after being active during the day, so it sleeps for about 16 hours a day on average (16 hours per day if you include naps). When your cat is tired, it has trouble keeping itself awake and falling asleep—it’s easier for them just to lay down and shut their eyes than keep going at this pace.

So when your cat falls asleep in front of the window or on your bed, it doesn’t mean that they’re not paying attention or listening closely; it means that they’re trying as hard as possible not to fall asleep!

6. maintaining a warm nose

Cats are usually very warm-blooded animals, which means that their body temperature is regulated by their metabolism. This means that if there aren’t enough warm areas in the home, cats will use their noses as a source of heat. When a cat is sleeping or resting, they will cover their face with a blanket or other material to help keep it warm.

Cats are often found sleeping with their head covered in order to maintain the temperature of their nose and mouth area. Cats also do this when they’re relaxed and feel comfortable around humans.

7. Potential Territory Marking

Cats are territorial animals, and when they feel threatened, they have a tendency to cover their face or ears, often with their whiskers. This is called “potential territory marking,” and it’s a way for cats to communicate that they feel threatened by something outside of their territory.

The most common reason for potential territory marking is an unfamiliar cat entering the cat’s territory. The cat will be startled by this intruder and will attempt to show signs of aggression in order to ward off any potential harm.


Being a pet owner is a lot of work. But it’s all worth it when you see your animals having fun and being themselves. While there’s no one true answer to why cats sleep like this, there are several theories that explain this adorable behavior. We just hope it makes you happy to know that they’re doing what they want to do, not just because of something you are doing wrong!

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