Flame Point Ragdoll: A Guide to Their Unique Beauty

In the world of feline companions, few breeds possess the sheer beauty and captivating charm of the flame point Ragdoll. They are truly a sight to behold with their striking blue eyes, luxurious coat, and a unique splash of fiery red on their ears, tail, and paws. These magnificent creatures are a delightful variation of the renowned Ragdoll breed, known for their affectionate nature and docile temperament.

In this guide, we’ll embark on a journey to unravel the captivating tale of the Flame Ragdoll. We delve into their history, explore their distinctive physical characteristics, and uncover the secrets behind their gentle personality.

What is a flame point Ragdoll?

flame Ragdoll

A flame point Ragdoll is a cat with an orange, red, and cream coat. It’s one of the four standard colors for Ragdolls.

The other three are seal point (black, chocolate brown, and blue-gray), blue point (grayish blue-gray), and lilac point (lilac).

Ragdolls have a very soft coat that can be any color, so long as it’s white or cream. They also have blue eyes and large ears that stand up like butterflies.

Flame Point Ragdoll History

The Flame Point Ragdoll is a stunning variety of the Ragdoll cat breed, known for its striking reddish-orange points and captivating blue eyes. To understand the history of the Flame Point Ragdoll, it is essential to delve into the broader background of the Ragdoll breed itself.

The Ragdoll breed was developed in the 1960s by a woman named Ann Baker, who resided in Riverside, California, USA. The breed’s foundation cat was a white longhaired Persian named Josephine. Josephine was known for her gentle temperament and unique traits, including limpness when picked up, hence the breed’s name, “Ragdoll.”

Ann Baker selectively bred Josephine and subsequent generations of her offspring with various cats, including Burmese, Birman, and Persian breeds. Baker aimed to create a distinct breed that possessed the Ragdoll’s signature docile nature and specific physical characteristics. These traits included large size, silky fur, vivid blue eyes, and a tendency for color-point patterns.

The Flame Point Ragdoll specifically emerged due to the Ragdoll’s color-point patterns. Color-pointing refers to the characteristic where a cat has a lighter body coloration with darker points, such as the ears, face, paws, and tail. In the case of the Flame Point Ragdoll, these points have a reddish-orange hue, resembling the color of flames, hence the name “Flame Point.”

Like other color-point Ragdolls, Flame Ragdolls owe their distinctive coloration to the genes responsible for their coat color. The color-point pattern is caused by a genetic mutation known as albinism. However, Ragdolls are not true albinos because they have some pigmentation in their eyes, which results in a striking blue eye color.

Through careful selective breeding, breeders focused on refining and enhancing the Flame Point Ragdoll’s traits, including the intensity and vibrancy of their flame-colored points. This involved pairing cats with desirable color-point patterns to produce offspring with consistent and visually appealing flame points. Over time, they became recognized as a distinct variation of the Ragdoll breed, cherished for their captivating appearance.

Today, cat enthusiasts and breeders widely recognize and appreciate Flame Point Ragdolls and other color-point variations like Seal, Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac. Their striking appearance and loving and docile nature have made them a sought-after choice for individuals and families looking for a delightful feline companion.

flame point ragdoll personality

The flame point ragdoll is a sweet, playful cat that loves to be around people. They are very affectionate and love to be petted and stroked. They are also very social and enjoy being around other cats or dogs. The flame ragdoll is not aggressive or territorial, making them a great choice for families with children or other pets.

They are known for their laid-back personality and long, luxurious fur coat. They have a soft voice that they use to communicate with their human companions, which makes them easy to train if you want your cat to learn tricks or respond to commands.

Is Flame a recognized Ragdoll Cat Color?

Flame is a recognized color for ragdoll cats. It is one of the most popular colors for this breed and has been accepted by the Cat Fanciers’ Association since 2001.

Flame Point Ragdoll Patterns

Flame Color Point Ragdoll

Flame Color Point Ragdoll

A Flame Color Point Ragdoll has a light orange body with darker orange points on the ears, tail, and legs. The base of the hair should be bright white, while the tips are a dark grayish blue. The eyes are blue, sometimes with a slight green hue.

Flame Mitted Ragdoll

The Flame Mitted Ragdoll is a medium-sized cat breed with a rich, warm coat. The flame pattern is defined as a “marble” pattern with red or orange patches interspersed with white, and the mitted pattern consists of white paws and chest. These cats are generally calm and affectionate, with an easygoing temperament that makes them good companions.

Flame Bicolor Ragdoll

Flame Bicolor Ragdolls are a stunning variety of the Ragdoll cat breed. They have a distinctive appearance characterized by their beautiful flame-colored (red or orange) markings on a predominantly white coat. The term “bicolor” refers to the two-color pattern seen in these cats.

The white fur of Flame Bicolor Ragdolls is the dominant feature, covering most of their bodies, including the chest, abdomen, and legs. Their faces often exhibit an inverted “V” shape, with the color extending from the top of the head down towards the ears and cheeks. This coloration may also extend to the tail.

The flame markings, which give these cats their name, appear on the ears, back, and sides. The flame coloration is usually a rich red or orange hue, creating a striking contrast against the white background. The intensity of the flame color can vary, with some cats displaying a more vibrant shade than others.

Flame Lynx

Flame Lynx
Flame Lynx

The Flame Lynx Ragdoll is a large, semi-longhaired cat with a muscular build. The coat is medium to long in length, soft, and silky to the touch. It consists of a lighter-colored base with darker flame-like patterns, resembling a lynx coat. The patterns are most prominent on the cat’s face, ears, legs, and tail, giving it a striking appearance. The body coloration tends to be cream or pale orange, with the points (ears, paws, tail) displaying a darker and more intense flame color.

Flame and Seal Tortie Ragdoll

The Flame and Seal Tortie Ragdoll is a beautiful, full-figured cat with short, soft fur and striking seal point markings. They are known for their friendly and gentle demeanor, as well as their playful nature. The Flame and Seal Tortie Ragdoll is a good choice for families with children or other pets.

How much is a flame point Ragdoll cat?

The price of a flame point Ragdoll cat depends on the breeder. Most breeders will sell kittens for anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000, but you can expect to pay more for a pet-quality kitten or an adult cat.

Is Flame Point Ragdoll rare?

Yes, flame point Ragdolls are rare. In fact, they’re one of the most sought-after colors in the breed. That’s because they have such a beautiful color and pattern.

If you’re looking for this cat, you’ll want to ensure you know where you can find them. They aren’t just going to be hanging out at the local pet store!

Are Flame Point Ragdolls Friendly?

Flame Point Ragdolls are very friendly! They love being around people and are always happy to see you. They are not known for being aggressive or overly jealous. They make great companions and especially good babies.

If you have children, this breed is ideal because they love kids and can handle them well—they will even play with them!

Flame Point Ragdoll Common Health Problems

Like all Ragdoll cats, Flame Point Ragdolls are generally healthy and robust. However, they can be prone to certain health issues that are commonly seen in the breed. Owners and potential adopters need to be aware of these conditions and take necessary precautions to maintain their cat’s well-being. Here are some common health problems that can affect Flame Ragdolls:

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

HCM is a heart condition that affects the thickness of the heart muscle. It is the most common heart disease in cats, including Ragdolls. Regular cardiac screenings, such as echocardiograms, are recommended to detect any signs of HCM. Responsible breeders will conduct appropriate health testing on their breeding cats to minimize the risk of passing on this genetic condition.

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

PKD is an inherited condition that causes the development of fluid-filled cysts in the kidneys. Over time, these cysts can lead to kidney dysfunction and failure. Genetic testing of breeding cats can help identify carriers of PKD, and responsible breeders will selectively breed to minimize the risk of passing on this condition.

Bladder Stones

Ragdolls, including Flame Points, may be susceptible to the formation of bladder stones. These stones can cause urinary tract infections, blockages, and discomfort for the cat. A balanced diet, plenty of water, and regular veterinary check-ups can help prevent and detect any urinary issues.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Some Ragdolls, including Flame Points, may be prone to digestive problems such as sensitive stomachs or food allergies. Careful attention to their diet, feeding them high-quality cat food, and avoiding potential allergens can help minimize gastrointestinal issues.


Ragdolls, including Flame Points, have a tendency to gain weight if their diet and exercise are not properly managed. Obesity can lead to various health problems, including joint issues, diabetes, and heart conditions. Maintaining a balanced diet, providing regular exercise, and monitoring portion sizes are essential to keep them at a healthy weight.

What is the difference between flame point and cream Ragdolls?

Flame points are the most common color of Ragdolls, and they have a white coat with orange or red highlights. These cats are born with white fur that gradually turns to orange or red as they age.

Cream Ragdolls come in a variety of colors, including brown, black, blue, and lilac. They have a cream-colored coat with darker color points. The dark points on their face, tail, legs and ears are the same color as their fur, called “patched.”


Do All Flame Ragdolls Have Blue Eyes?

Most Flame Ragdolls have blue eyes. However, a Flame Ragdoll can have other eye colors, such as gold or green.

Final Thoughts

The flame point ragdoll is a rare color variation of the Ragdoll, which requires intensive and expensive special-order breeding. This one cost me a whole lot of money that I don’t have, but it was worth it.

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